Ultra EP-2 Premium Bearing Grease is a superior Lithium Complex grease fortified with polymers, tackiness additives, high viscosity base oils and rust and oxidation inhibitors. The product has excellent lubricating qualities over a wide range of temperatures. Ultra EP-2 Premium Bearing Grease is designed to work under the toughest conditions in operating temperatures from -40°C to 200°C with excellent mechanical and chemical stability. The advanced formulation of this premium product provides grease unsurpassed in adhesive and film strength quality.

Specifications / Performance Levels:

NLGI Grade: 2
Penetration @ 77°F: (ASTM worked) 280
Dropping Point: +304°C
Soap Type: Lithium Complex
Colour: Purple
Appearance: Smooth/Tacky
Timken OK Load Test: 60lb/ 27kg
Base Oil Viscosity-
cSt @ 40°C: 115
cSt @100°C: 12.2
4 Ball Wear test ASTM D2266-
10kg 1800rpm, 75°C, lhr: 0.28
40kg 1200rpm, 75°C, lhr: 0.45

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