Transfluids are premium quality powershift transmission and drive train fluids designed to meet the requirements of Caterpillar TO-4. Transfluids are blended to meet the specific frictional characteristics required for powershift transmissions, clutches and brakes and provides the necessary protection and durability to maximise component life. Atlantic Transfluids can be used in bevel gears, final drives and hydraulics systems in a multitude of on/off road vehicles including earthmoving & construction and agricultural machinery. Transfluids are available in SAE 10W, 30 & 50 grades.

Features and Benefits:
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Protect against rust and corrosion
  • Superior frictional performance
  • Premium brake chatter control
  • Excellent seal compatibility
  • Suitable for on & off road applications
Specifications / Performance Levels:

ISO: 10W
API: CF (Transmissions Only)
Allison: C4
Dana: (Powershift transmissions)
Komatsu: KES 07.868.1(Transmissions & Final Drives)

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