Atlantic premium performance, synthetic compressor oil is based on Polyalphaolefin technology. It contains a premium rust and oxidation inhibitor system and  anti-wear additive to give excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion protection. Synthetic Compressor Oils are designed to meet the requirements of modern higher output, more efficient compressors, particularly flooded screw air compressors. In flooded screw compressors, as well as some other rotary air compressors, the lubricants are subjected to the high temperatures produced by compression whilst also being mixed with the air being compressed. The higher temperatures encountered in rotary air compressors and the mixture of the air with the lubricant within the compressor means that oxidation of the lubricant significantly reduces the useful life of mineral oil based compressor lubricants.Synthetic Compressor Oils are specifically formulated to provide excellent oxidation resistance under the conditions encountered in flooded rotary air compressors, i.e. high temperatures and exposure to the compressed air. Synthetic Compressor Oils are not compatible with polyalkylene glycol or silicone based compressor lubricants, nor are they recommended for the compression of hydrocarbon gases, breathing compressors or medical equipment.Synthetic Compressor Oils are compatible with conventionally formulated mineral oil based and diester based lubricants, although excessive dilution with petroleum product will reduce the thermal and oxidation stability of the synthetic Polyalphaolefin lubricant.

Features and Benefits:
  • Suitable for flooded screw, rotary and reciprocating compressors.
  • Premium wear and oxidation protection
  • Extended oil service life
  • Superior sludge and particle control
  • Outstanding air release properties
  • Excellent oil seal compatibility
  • Good water demulsibility
Specifications / Performance Levels:

ISO Viscosity: 46
DIN: 51506 VDL
DIN 51524: Parts 1 and 2 (HL, HLP) - Hydraulic applications
AFNOR NFE 48-603 (HM)
Cincinnati: P-70

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