Supermax 15W-40 CH-4 is a high ash Multigrade Diesel Engine Oil formulated to meet the needs of pre 2002 American, European and Japanese heavy duty naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel engines. It meets the requirements of JASO DH-1 and also exceeds the soot thickening control and valve train wear protection requirements of API CH-4. Supermax 15W-40 CH-4 can be used where API: CD, CE, CF-4 or CG-4 oils are specified. Always refer to the Lube Guide for the correct product application.

Features and Benefits:
  • Premium engine protection
  • Minimizes oil consumption
  • Neutralizes acids from high Sulfur Fuel
  • Excellent valve train wear protection
  • Improved soot control
  • Suitable for use in older American, European and Japanese heavy duty diesel engines
Specifications / Performance Levels:

ACEA: E3, E5
Allison: C4
Caterpillar: ECF-1A
Cummins: CES 20077
Daimler: 228.3
Mack: EO-M
Renault: RLD-2
Volvo: VDS-2

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