Atlantic Optimum Ultra 5W-40 is a premium performance full synthetic petrol / light diesel Mid S.A.P.S engine oil. It incorporates the latest full synthetic base oils and premium additives to maximise engine performance whilst providing unparallel engine and exhaust aftertreatment protection. Atlantic Optimum Ultra is suitable for almost all modern high performance petrol, diesel, multi-valve, turbocharged, supercharged and naturally aspirated engines, including those fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) or Three Way Catalysts (TWC).

Features and Benefits:
  • Ensures maximum oil flow rates lubricating critical engines parts during cold start-up.
  • Fully Synthetic base stocks provide increased film strength and hydrodynamic lubrication between metal surfaces.
  • Advanced additive technology reduces friction, decreases fuel consumption and extends operating life of engine parts.
  • Very high viscosity index and a high resistance against shearing
  • Longer oil drain intervals
  • Offers advanced protection of Diesel Particulate Filters and Catalytic Convertors.
Specifications / Performance Levels:

SAE Viscosity: 5W-40
BMW: LL-04
Mercedes Benz: 229.31, 229.51
Porsche: A40
Renault: RN0700, RN0710
VW: 502.00, 505.00

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