Opti-X Euro Purple Coolant Concentrate is a Type A ethylene glycol-based hybrid coolant using low silicates concentration with a blend of organic additives designed for European-manufactured vehicles like BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW and many others. It does not contain Nitrites, Amines, Phosphates, Borates or 2-Ethylhexanoicacid.
The inhibitor package guarantees optimum heat transfer reducing operative temperatures and maximum protection preventing foam, rust, corrosion, cavitation, scaling, oxidation and degradation of the cooling system for at least 7 years or 500,000 km, whichever comes first.
Opti-X Euro Purple Coolant Concentrate is also designed to meet American phosphate and nitrite free requirements, allowing maximum protection against cavitation erosion of wet cylinder liners in diesel and petrol engines. It’s ideal for petrol, light and heavy-duty diesel, mining, marines, highway off/on road and industrial stationary engines where a Si-OAT type anti-freeze/anti-boil and anti-corrosion properties are required.

Features and Benefits:
When diluted 50% in deionised water:
  • Passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles - 500,000km/ 7 years (whichever comes first)
  • Heavy duty vehicles 1,000,000km/ 7 years/ 20,000 hours (Whichever comes first)
  • Provides maximum anti-freeze/anti-boil protection
  • Provides optimum reliability and operating life of water pump
  • Compatible with all plastics, rubbers and seals
  • Maximises protection of all metals commonly found in the engine cooling system
  • Excellent cavitation and liner pitting protection
  • Maximises fuel economy by keeping the engine at the optimum operating temperature
  • Protects against scale, rust and residue build up
  • Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions
Specifications / Performance Levels:

AS 2108:2004 Type A
ASTM D 3306, 4985
Audi TL 774-G
Bentley: TL 774-G
Bugatti: TL 774-G
Cummins: CES 14603
CUNA NC 956-16
Deutz: DQC CC-14
Ducati from 2016
Fiat 9.55523
Ford: M97-B44-D
GM: 1825M, 1899M, 6277M
Lamborghini TL774-G
MAN: 324 Type Si-OAT
Mercedes Benz: 325.5, 325.6
MTU MTL 5048
Renault Type D
Skoda: TL 774-G
Smart: 325.6
VW: TL 774G

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