Opti-X Coolant Concentrate is a unique blend of organic long life corrosion inhibitors and ethylene glycol designed to provide superior corrosion and anti-freeze/anti-boil protection. This premium Organic Acid Technology (OAT) formulation is 2-Ethylhexanoic acid, phosphate, silicate, borate, nitrite and amine free and is manufactured to AS 2108-2004 (Type A) requirements. Opti-X Coolant Concentrate is suitable for all types of petrol, diesel and gas engines in passenger vehicles, light & heavy-duty commercials, industrial, marine, mining, agricultural and stationary applications.

Features and Benefits:
When diluted 50% in deionised water:
  • Passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles - 500,000km/ 7 years (whichever comes first)
  • Heavy duty vehicles 1,000,000km/ 7 years/ 20,000 hours (Whichever comes first)
  • Provides maximum anti-freeze/anti-boil protection
  • Provides optimum reliability and operating life of water pump
  • Maximises protection of all metals commonly found in the engine cooling system
  • Excellent cavitation and liner pitting protection
  • Maximises fuel economy by keeping the engine at the optimum operating temperature
  • Protects against scale, rust and residue build up
  • Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions
Specifications / Performance Levels:
AS 2108:2004 Type A AGCO
ASTM D3306/ 6210 Atlantis Diesel Engines
Atlas Copco Audi TL 774-D/ F
BAIC Foton Motors Bell ELC
Bentley TL774D/F BMW Long Life
Bugatti TL774D/ F Bulldog VCS Coolant
Case New Holland MAT3620 Caterpillar EC-1, MAK A4.05.09.01
Chrysler MS 12106/ MS 7170 Citroen P/N: 9979.70/ 71/ 72/ 73
CLAAS CNH MAT 3620/ 3624/ 3724
Cummins CES 14603, 14439 CUNA NC 956-16
DAF MAT 74002 Daihatsu
Detroit Diesel 93K217 Deutz AG 0199-99-1115/ 2091, DQC CB-14
Fiat 9.55523 Ford WSS-M97-B44-A/ C/ D/ D2
Freightliner 48-25878 Fuso Diesel LLC
GM 1825M/ 1899M/ 6277M Harley-Davidson ELC
Hino LLC Honda
Hyundai Antifreeze/ Coolant Isuzu AS/ E Coolant
JASO 325 JIS K2234
John Deere 8650-4 KATO LLC
Kia Anti-Freeze Coolant Komatsu
KSM 2142 Lamborghini TL 774-D/ F
Liebherr MD 1-36-130 MACK RVI/ 014 GS 17009
MAN 324 SNF Mazda MEZ MN 121D/ L405F
MB 310.1, 325.3 Mitsubishi ES-X64217
Mopar MS-12106, MS-90032 MTU MTL 5048
Navistar Nissan NES M5059
ONORM V 5123 Opel
Paccar CSO185 Peugeot
Polaris Antifreeze Porsche 000 043 301 47
Saab Scania T1.02-98 0813
Seat TL774-D/F Skoda TL774-D/F
STJLR.651.5003 Suzuki
Toyota Long Life TSK2601G VW TL774-D/F
Waukesha 4-1974D Yanmar LLC

Recommended mix ratio: 50%

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