MP Power Steering Fluid is a full synthetic high-performance long-life hydraulic fluid designed for power steering units fitted to late model vehicles. It is also suitable for hydraulic clutches, convertible tops (electro-hydraulic), hydro-pneumatic suspension units and hydraulic actuator systems fitted to some modern dual-clutch transmissions. MP Power Steering Fluid provides superior thermal stability even in the most extreme ambient conditions.

Features and Benefits:
  • Fully Synthetic long-life Hydraulic fluid
  • Assists in enhancing steering response time
  • Helps to minimize pump noise
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Designed for extreme ambient temperatures
  • Excellent hose & oil seal compatibility
  • Minimises inventory
Specifications / Performance Levels:

Audi: G 002 000/ G 002 012
Chrysler: MS-1872
Chrysler: MS-5931, P/N 04883077
Chrysler: MS-9602, ATF+2. ATF+3. ATF+4
Chrysler MS-11655
Daihatsu Ammix: ATF D3-SP , ATF Z-1
Ford: M2C195-A
Ford: M2C204-A
GM: Dexron IID, III
GM: P/N 88901975, 89021184,
GM: 9985010, P/N 1052884
GM: 9985835, P/N 12345866
GM: HN 2305
Hyundai / Kia: PSF-3
Hyundai / Kia: PSF-4
Mercedes Benz: 236.3, 345.0
Mitsubishi: PS Fluid
Mitsubishi: Diamond SP III
Mazda: M-III
Nissan: PSF-II
Pentosin: CHF 11S
Pentosin: CHF 202
Saab: (45) 30 09 800
Saab: 30 32 380
Subaru: K0209A0080
Texaco: Cold Climate Fluid 33270
Toyota: PSF Type EH, P/N 008886-01
VW: G 002 000/ G 002 012
VW: TL 52146
Volvo: 1161529

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