KoolKut EP Emulsifying Oil is a chlorine and boron free, general purpose soluble metal working fluid.
Its high mineral oil content and unique additive package provides excellent lubrication properties, forming a milky type emulsion, it provides consistent performance in a wide range of water types.
Koolkut EP Emulsifying Oil is suitable for use in small to medium general machine shops, where general machining operations, on a range of materials, requires a stable product, offering versatility at a reasonable cost.
Koolkut EP Emulsifying Oil is particularly recommended for the machining of ferrous metals, copper and aluminium.

Features and Benefits:
  • Versatility, multi metal compatible. Ideal for small to medium workshops, offers potential for product rationalisation.
  • Stable, low scumming performance in hard water environments, providing cleaner working conditions.
  • Low foam performance in soft water conditions, eliminating use of antifoams and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Effective biocide system, to prevent bacterial degradation, and extend coolant life.
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