Envirotek Diesel Power Boost is a diesel soot cleaner for intake manifolds or DPF’s.

Applying Diesel Power Boost to the intake system can clean from turbocharger to the EGR system. It is formulated to dissolve carbon soot deposits in the manifold, on intake valves and through the EGR system.
Running Diesel Power Boost pre-turbo can clean oil deposits in both turbo and intercooler caused by the engine breather.

This product can also be applied pre-DPF to reduce soot accumulation. If the DPF soot level is at a point where it is outside the parameters to perform its own regeneration, Diesel Power Boost can reduce it to a point where a forced regeneration can occur.

In most cases using Diesel Power Boost can save both the mechanic and customer time a money.

• Intake Manifold Clean (use DPB through the EnviroKleen Canister)
• DPF Clean (use DPB through the EnviroKleen Canister)

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