Calsulf Grease is an extreme pressure, water resistant, high temperature calcium sulfonate complex grease. It provides superior performance through its high oxidation resistance, thermal stability at high temperatures, outstanding rust and corrosion protection and excellent shear stability.

Calsulf Grease has been designed for use in various industrial, mining, agricultural, construction, transport, marine and automotive applications especially those operating in severe conditions involving high loads, high temperatures and/or wet environments. Its range of applications is extensive, as a result, it can replace and outclass numerous conventional greases.

Specifications / Performance Levels:

Colour: Green
NLGI Grade: 2
Thickener: Calcium Sulfonate Complex
Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C: 320
Dropping Point: >280°C
Water Washout @ 38oC: <1%
Rust Test: Pass
Four Ball Weld Load: 800 kg
Ware Scar Dia.: 0.45 mm
Timken OK Load: 65 lbs.
Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to + 180°C (Short Periods 190°C)

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