BP 15 White Oil is a colourless, odourless, tasteless white oil. It contains a food-grade inhibitor and meets the purity standards and requirements of international and national authorities for pharmaceutical white oils.


Medicinal and cosmetic applications
Manufacture of ointments, complexion creams, hair care products, laxatives, baby oils, and as a carrier for the preparation of curative drugs

Food processing and packaging operations
Where oil used as a processing aid may be included in food or food packaging material, or direct contact between the oil and food or packaging materials may occur
Egg processing, meat and fish packaging, fruit and vegetable processing, dairy industry, brewing and bottling, food canning, sugar refining, and the manufacture of paper intended for food packaging
Hydraulic fluid, or bearing and gear lubricant
Compressors handling air or gases (except oxygen), or carbon dioxide for carbonated beverages
Rust preventive for vats, tanks and machinery

General industry applications
Plasticizer for hydrocarbon resins, process oil where extremely low sulfur content is required, textile industry lubricant, organic synthesis, animal husbandry etc
Compressors in refrigeration systems handling methyl chloride or sulfur dioxide

Specifications / Performance Levels:

Colour: Saybolt
Density at 25ºC, kg/L: 0.850
Flash Point, PMCC, ºC: 186
Neutrality, NF/USP: Neutral
Pour Point, ºC: –12
Solid Paraffins, BP: Pass
Sulfur Compounds, NF/USP: Negative
Ultra Violet Absorbance 260-350mm: <0.10
Viscosity at 40ºC, mm2/s: –12
Taste/colour: None

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