Atlantic Transfluid 450 Synthetic is a Poly Alpha Olefin (PAO) based heavy duty transmission and final drive fluid especially designed for extreme service applications. Transfluid 450 Synthetic offers significantly better protection and performance over mineral based fluids. It provides extended drain capabilities, superior oxidation & temperature stability and superior frictional performance which ensures maximum component life. Transfluid 450 synthetic is recommended for Eaton Roadranger and Meritor on-highway transmissions especially those exceeding 1,850 Ft Lbs of torque and power-shift transmissions/ final drives operating in arduous conditions.

Benefits and Features

  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Offers extended drain capabilities
  • Protect against rust and corrosion
  • Superior frictional performance
  • Excellent seal compatibility
  • Suitable for on & off road applications

Specifications / Performance Levels

ISO: 50
API: CF (Transmissions Only)
Komatsu: (Transmissions & Final Drives)
ZF: TE-ML 01

Pack Size Code
20L TTS45002
60L TTS45003
205L TTS45004
1000L TTS45005