Atlantic Organic Long Life Coolant concentrate is a unique blend of organic long life corrosion inhibitors and ethylene glycol designed to provide superior corrosion and anti-freeze/anti-boil protection. This advanced Organic Oat Technology (OAT) formulation is Silicate, Phosphate, Amine, Borate and Nitrate free and is manufactured to AS 2108-2004 (Type A). Atlantic Organic Long Life Coolant is suitable for all types of petrol,  diesel and gas engines in light commercial and passenger vehicles, heavy duty commercial,  industrial, on highway, marine, mining and stationary applications.

Features and Benefits

When diluted 50% in demineralised water

  • Passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles - 400,000km/ 6 years (whichever comes first).
  • Heavy duty vehicles 400,000km/ 6 years/ 12,000 hours (whichever comes first).
  • Provides maximum anti-freeze/anti-boil protection.
  • Provides optimum reliability and operating life of Water pump.
  • Maximises protection of all metals commonly found in the engine cooling system.  
  • Excellent cavitation and liner pitting protection.  
  • Maximises fuel economy by keeping the engine at the optimum operating temperature.
  • Protects against scale, rust and residue buildup.  
  • Formulated tested and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.


Specifications / Performance Levels

ASTM D3306 (and D4656) ASTM D6210    
BR 637  
BT-PS-606A (MIL-Belgium) 
Cummins 90 T8-4    
Detroit Diesel/Perkins    
Ford WSS-M97B44-D  
FVV Heft R443 (Germany)  
General Motors GM 6277M
JASO M325 (Japan) LLC
Komatsu SAE J1034  
MAN 324 (Diesel Engines
Mercedes-Benz Sheet 325.3
Toyota TS K2601 G
Volkswagen VW TL774D
ASTM D4985 (and D5345)

BS 6580 (British Standard)
Caterpillar EC-1
DAF-Leyland 74001
DCEA 615 (MIL-France)
E/L-1415b (MIL-Italy)
FSD 8704 (MIL-Sweden)
General Motors GM 1899M
ISUZU BMW N600 69.0
JIS K2234 (Japan) LLC
Mazda MES 121C
Mitsubishi ES-X64216
UNE 26-361-88/1
VOLVO Scania (Tech Info. TI 02-98)

Pack Size Long life Green
Product code
Pack Size Long life Red
Product code
Pack Size Long life Blue
Product code
5L LLG10001 5L LLR10001 5L LLB10001
20L LLG10002 20L LLR10002 20L LLB10002
205L LLG10004 205L LLR10004 205L LLB10004
1000L LLG10005 1000L LLR10005 1000L LLB10005