Atlantic Gearex RX80 is a manual transmission fluid developed to provide easier gear changes over a wide temperature range. It’s extreme pressure additives offer improved gear tooth and bearing durability by providing excellent film strength and superior protection. Atlantic Gearex RX80 is suitable for use in cars and light commercials manual transmissions and transfer cases where API GL-4 80W or 75W-80 is required.

Features and Benefits

  • Quieter transmission operations.
  • Suitable for use in gearboxes and transfer cases.
  • Easier low temperature shifting.
  • GL-4 Extreme Pressure rating offers improved gear tooth and bearing durability.
  • High wear stability – excellent film strength and protection during the life of the lubricant.
  • Continued lubrication effectiveness over a broad range of operating temperatures.

Specifications / Performance Levels

SAE Viscosity: 80

Pack Size Code
5L AGM80001
20L AGM80002
60L AGM80003
205L AGM80004
1000L AGM80005