Atlantic Oils has had a long association with the mining industry. The quality base oils that we use to make our world class products are harvested from the earth thanks to the Mining Industry. All of us are indebted to the Mining Industry for the countless services that they provide for our modern society. The Mining Industry has in recent times cushioned the Australian economy against worldwide recession with billions of dollars worth of exports. No other industry generates such economic growth for our economy as the mining sector.

Atlantic Oils acknowledges the importance of the Mining Industry and has developed a range of products to keep mining equipment in top working order. We have Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils, Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic Fluids, Greases and a host of mining specific products.


Atlantic Oils uses the highest quality raw materials to manufacture a wide slate of industrial oils, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, metal working fluids, slideway fluids, thermal transfer fluids and specialty oils, in a wide range of packaging styles or in bulk quantities. These products are specially designed to meet the needs of industrial environments.


Our range of engine oils has been specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of agricultural equipment.  Our wide variety of monograde and multi-grade engine oils ensures that there’s a product available to meet your farming needs.
We also manufacture STOU (Special Tractor Oil Universal) oils, which can be used in engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems of tractors and other agricultural machinery with and without wet brakes.

Atlantic understands the importance of maintaining mission critical vehicles and machinery. Atlantic produces the entire range of Agricultural Lubricating Oils for all types of machinery.
Specialist Agricultural Lubricants

  • Tractor Fluids
  • Off Highway Heavy Duty Transmission Fluids
  • Full range of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils


When you travel many kilometres on tough roads, it’s important to look for ways to lower costs and increase fuel efficiency. Atlantic Oils products can assist in making your trip more efficient by helping to reducing engine wear and protecting your engine. When you protect your truck or machinery, you protect your business.


At Atlantic Oils we know how important it is in the Automotive sector to deliver the right oils and lubricants for maximum performance and protection. By using leading edge additive technology and the finest Hydro Cracked Base oils, Atlantic Oils offers a specialised line up of Automotive Engine Oils.

Whatever your requirements, we have the right oils and lubricants for you. Whether it’s to lubricate a vintage car, sports car, a family sedan, or an SUV, Atlantic Oils products can service your needs.

Atlantic Oils offers a diverse Automotive product range, including mineral, semi synthetic and 100% full synthetic engine oils and lubricants. Have a look through our extensive product range to find the correct lubricant for your application or drop us a line for more help.

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