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Here's a testimonial from one of our customers who own's a Midas Automotive workshop in Queensland.

Just want to share with all when you find something or someone that is great for our business’s. 

For some time now I've been using Atlantic Oil in my business and have found this company excellent to deal with. Atlantic Oils are an Australian owned and based company with a large industrial lubes background. They've been involved in the automotive environment for many years and are prominent in the automotive workshop world and growing. They're also involved in the motorsport world due to the high quality they can provide from production based motorsport to top fuel dragster championships. I have personally had this company on board now for 3 years and can’t speak highly enough of them. We use them in both of my sites and in my race car exclusively.

Keys areas I have found with Atlantic Oils:
- Dealing with good people that care about your business
- Locally owned and operated
- The want to be competitive in pricing.
- Service to back it up as you are dealing directly with the owners/distributors. Same person year in year out.
- Very regular oil drops.
- The rep calls and checks your stock levels very regularly, so no running out of product
- Ease of contact
- The range of products that covers all vehicles
- The auto chemical range as well as lubes
- Also the range of products unique so you need to carry less stock. One lube will do more applications than others I have found. I.e. less stock and inventory cost to worry about

Please consider my lubes supplier. Good people, a positive to our workshops and better profits. These are my views and experience from years of owning my own workshops

Justin Wade| Director




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09 Jan, 2018