Homebush Final 86 Series Round review

Practice 1 was mayhem filled with many drivers pushing the limits too far and some even crashing! Team BSR however took the conservative approach being this is our first visit and managed P14.

Qualifying left the team happy with the car after the morning session. "Finding clear track space was difficult but the car feels good and has lots more to offer" - Kane Baxter-Smith.
We started in P16 for race 1.

Team BSR were stoked to have Roger from Atlantic Oil out on track with us at the Coates Hire Sydney 500. Roger and Atlantic Oil's passion for motor racing is clear and we are grateful for their support and all our sponsors, we couldn't do it without them.

Race 1 was great for the team pushing forward from P16, avoiding the mid race Turn 8 crash which collected a few including Professional Jonathan Webb and brought out the Safety Car. We pressed on moving up one more place after the restart to finish P9.

Big drama in Race 2
!!! Luckily we were ahead of it and moved from P9 to P7. The Race was red flagged after only half a lap following a massive Turn 1 incident which blocked the track and involved more than 8 cars. We started from P9 again in the final race.

Race 3 was a disaster for the team after such impressive speed all weekend. Luckily Kane was ok, the car was looking a bit second hand. After a strong start and some tough racing with Seiders & Gowans we were pushing for a good result sitting in 7th, after finally clearing Gowans the car was left with bent steering and we had to fend off Aaron Seton. On lap 5 a messy curb hit at turn 6/7 forced the rear of the car to hit the concrete on corner exit, which pulled the front into the wall as well heavily damaging the drivers side, the car then uncontrollably pulled left and hit straight into the opposite concrete wall.

The team did a great job all weekend and all season, and we will continue to push the limits (and sometimes find them) next season.

Well done to the winners and all the competitors this season. Big thanks to Atlantic Oil for their support in the inaugural 86 Series season, we look forward to continuing form and improving in 2017 as our partnership continues.

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15 Dec, 2016