Help Our Aussie Farmers

Atlantic Oils have contributed $5,700 towards the Buy-A-Bale initiative, part of the charity Rural Aid. This investment buys a trailer load of hay which is sent to the north west region of New South Wales, just one of many regions affected by the worst drought on record. We’re all about helping out the community in any way possible especially to those Aussie farmers and rural communities affected by drought.

So many farmers out there are doing it really tough at the moment and we want to throw our full support behind them by raising vital funds for Rural Aid. The not-for-profit organisation does amazing work in supporting farming communities through programs like Buy a Bale, which delivers hay for cattle feed and other essential items.

Atlantic Oils supply engine oils and lubricants to farmers in these drought affected areas – they are our business partners, our customers, and they are fellow Australians, so it’s important we do what we can to help.

In addition to our donation, we want to get another truck load of hay out to the farmers, we need to raise at least $2,750 just for the hay. If we want to help cover the cost of the diesel we’ll need to double that to $5,500. Please help us help the farmers by giving whatever you can using the ‘Give Now’ button by.

We remain committed to providing focused funding and support for rural and remote communities, local farming needs and sustainability initiatives.

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09 Aug, 2018