Atlantic Oils – Major Sponsors of the HQ Holden Nationals

Atlantic Oils are pleased to announce as one of the major sponsors of the HQ Holden Nationals Series in 2016-17.

As a provider of premium engine oils and lubricants, car racing is something that is very close to our hearts and so we couldn’t be more pleased to be officially partnering with the NSW HQ Racing Committee as a supporting sponsor.

The category started off in Tasmania in 1989. A group of ex-racers and others who wanted to get into racing, but were put off by the costs, got together to come up with a class of racing that was affordable and exciting. They wanted a car that was readily available, easy to work on and inexpensive to buy and maintain. The car that fitted the bill was the Holden HQ. The category quickly spread to the rest of Australia and it still maintains its’ popularity more than 20 years later.

The HQ category has the largest number of families competing in NSW, with many fathers, sons and brothers racing together on a regular basis. The club has a very good camaraderie, with people pitching in to repair cars of their fellow competitors, to help them get back onto the track for the next race.

For more information on the series and upcoming events go to

We liked wish all of the competitors the best of luck through out the season.

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13 Oct, 2016