Race Blend 50

Atlantic Race Blend 50 is an SAE 20W-50 high viscosity race oil designed to offer unsurpassed protection of all race engine components. Advanced multigrade properties ensure fast oil flow during start-up. High viscosity base oils with the addition of special flow enhancers and viscosity modifiers ensure maximum oil film strength for bearings subject to high load even at cold start-up. The addition of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (zddp) anti-wear agents offers protection of cams from the abrasive action of flat tappets. Unlike some zinc anti-wear agents which are thermally activated, Race Blend 50 offers full cam protection even at cold start-up. The addition of proprietary synthetic polymers ensures that upper engine parts retain a protective oil film even after intervals of non-use offering substantial wear reduction during start-up.

Specifications / Performance Levels

Pack Size Code
5L RAC20501
20L RAC20502
60L RAC20503
205L RAC20504
1000L RAC20505