Nitro Gold 10W-40

Atlantic Nitro Gold 10W-40 has been developed using the latest performance additives and Hydrocracked Group II base oils. Atlantic Nitro Gold 10W-40 is designed to outperform conventional mineral oils in engine cleanliness and lubricity. Meeting the American Petroleum Institute’s rating of SM for petrol engines, Atlantic Nitro Gold is the perfect choice for modern multi-valve, turbo charged or supercharged engines.

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured using hydrocracked group II base stocks.
  • Advanced additive technology provides increased film strength and hydrodynamic lubrication between metal surfaces.
  • Reduced friction decreases fuel consumption and extends operating life of engine parts.
  • Meets API service classification of SM for gasoline engines ensures a wide range of vehicle compatibility.
  • Fully backward compatible with previous API specifications such as SL, SH & SJ.

Specifications / Performance Levels

  • SAE Viscosity: 10W-40
  • API: SM

Pack Size Code
5L PNG10401
20L PNG10402
60L PNG10403
205L PNG10404
1000L PNG10405