ECO85 5W-30 Semi Synthetic

Atlantic ECO85 5W-30 is designed for engine protection and fuel efficiency in new and older petrol and small diesel engines. It meets the API SN specification and ILSAC GF-5 resource conserving requirements. Atlantic ECO85 5W-30 is a semi synthetic lubricant providing higher resistance to oxidation to combat high engine operating temperatures, therefore reducing engine deposits and enhancing piston and turbocharger protection.

Atlantic ECO85 5W-30 is suitable for most types of petrol and four stroke engines operating under severe and varied operating conditions such as high temperature motorway driving or low temperature stop-and-go driving. Atlantic ECO85 5W-30 has a high level of dispersants and detergents to provide more stringent sludge control under all service conditions. It has friction modifiers which better handles internal engine friction to help achieve greater fuel economy.

Atlantic ECO85 5W-30 has a lower use of components known to reduce catalyst life, helping to meet the newer stricter emissions standards and providing extended emissions system durability.
Also check your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Features and Benefits

  • Turbo charger protection.
  • Compatible with ethanol containing E-85 fuel
  • Better handling of internal friction for better fuel economy

Specifications / Performance Levels

Pack Size Code
5L PE855301
20L PE855302
60L PE855303
205L PE855304
1000L PE855305