Atlantic LV Thermal Transfer Oil

Industrial heat transfer systems for use in closed heat transfer systems used in chemical and process plant, textile manufacture etc. where the oil is circulated in a pumped system operating under atmospheric pressure with or without an inert gas blanket.
Performance Features and Benefits
Low oxidation and thermal stability Atlantic Thermal Transfer Oil is based on selected highly refined mineral oils and resists oil cracking, oxidation and thickening. This provides extended oil life, provided efficient fluid heating and good pump circulation is ensured, such that film temperatures on the heater surface do not exceed the limits above.
Excellent fluidity and high heat transfer coefficient Specially selected mineral oils ensure excellent fluidity and heat transfer over a wide temperature range.
Good solvency
Resists deposit formation, holding oxidation products in solution and keeping internal surfaces of heat exchangers clean.
Low vapour pressure
Resists cracking and minimises formation of volatile decomposition products requiring recovery via expansion chamber and condensate collector.
Prevents corrosion of the internal surfaces of copper and steel heat exchanger and system components.

Specifications / Performance Levels

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