Super-Trans MP Farm Oil

A high performance SAE 15W-40 multigrade engine oil designed specifically to lubricate and protect the typical range of equipment found on Australian farms.

ATLANTIC SUPER-TRANS MP FARM OIL is recommended for mixed fleet farming operations, ensuring high levels of protection to American, European and Japanese powered machinery.

Specifications / Performance Levels

ATLANTIC SUPER-TRANS MP FARM OIL meets the following specifications:

Ford-M2C 159-B (applicable to CNH).
John Deere JDM J27. ZFTE-ML-06D. API GL-4.
Massey Ferguson CMS 1139, CMS 1144, CMS 1145.ZF TE-ML 06B and 06C.
Allison C-4.
Caterpillar TO-2. MB 227.1. MB 228.3.API CE/CF/CF-4/SF. ACEA E2. API CI-4 & ACEA E7
Soot Control, Piston Cleanliness & wear protection. MB 228.1. SAE 15W-40

Pack Size Code