Optimum Ultra 5W-40 SN/CF

Atlantic Optimum Ultra 5W-40SN/CF is a premium performance full synthetic petrol / light diesel engine lubricant.

Optimum Ultra incorporates the latest Full Synthetic base oils and performance additives.

Optimum Ultra is suitable for all modern high performance turbo charged and naturally aspirated engines, including those fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters.

Specifications / Performance Levels

SAE Viscosity: 5W-40


ACEA: C3-12, C3-16


GM: Dexos2

Mercedes Benz: 229.31, 229.51, 226.5

Porsche: A40

Renault: RN0700, RN0710

Pack Size Code
5L POU05401
20L POU05402
60L POU05403
205L POU05404
1000L POU05405
For applications requiring a lighter viscosity, use Atlantic NitroClear 5W-30SM/CF