Nitro Gold 15W-40SM/CF

Atlantic Nitro Gold 15W-40SM/CF is the highest specification mineral engine oil available.

Manufactured using the highest quality Hydrocracked Group II base oils and performance additives, Nitro Gold is designed to outperform conventional mineral oils in engine cleanliness and lubricity.

Meeting the American Petroleum Institutes highest rating of SM for petrol engines and CF for diesel engines, Nitro Gold can service the latest petrol engine vehicles and is also suitable for light diesel engine vehicles requiring an API CF rating.


NITRO GOLD meets the following specifications: SAE 15W-40.

API Petrol Rating: SM, SL, SJ and all previous designations.
API Diesel Rating: CF and all previous designations.
ACEA Petrol Rating A3.
ACEA Diesel Rating B3.

ATLANTIC NITRO GOLD is also available in SAE 10W-30, 10W-40

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