Gearex 85W-140

Atlantic Gearex 85W-140 is an extreme pressure gear lubricant designed for heavy duty applications such as differentials, gear boxes and steering gears in automotive, agricultural and industrial applications.

Suitable for applications when ambient temperatures are above 300ºC.

Specifications / Performance Levels

ATLANTIC GEAREX 85W-140 meets the following specifications:

APIGL5. SAE J306b Viscosity Classification, 85W-140.
US Military MIL-L-2105 B, C and D, 85W-140.
Ford ESW-M2C-108A.
Chrysler MS 3626.

Pack Size Code
5L NA in 5L Bottles
20L AGM85142
60L AGM85143
205L AGM85144
1000L AGM85145