Atlantic Qik-Shift 6

Atlantic Qik-Shift 6 is a full synthetic low viscosity automatic transmission fluid designed for the latest Ford and GMH six speed transmissions. Qik-Shift 6 has been manufactured using Full Synthetic base stocks and ultra high performance additives designed to offer superior protection and ease of shifting in modern automatic transmissions. Qik-Shift 6 is ATF is suitable for use in late model domestic vehicles. These applications include General Motors and Ford specifying: GM DEXRON®-VI, Ford MERCON® SP & FORD MERCON® LV

Specifications / Performance Levels

ATLANTIC QIK-SHIFT 6 meets the following specifications: GM DEXRON®-VI, Ford MERCON® SP & FORD MERCON® LV

Pack Size Code
For applications not requiring Ford MERCON® SP & Ford MERCON® LV use Atlantic New Generation Multi ATF